A Clandestine Intelligence Operation....
Featuring The Best DJ's That Second Life Has To Offer!

The Bunker is an original club not only in the concept but also the design of the club. It's an old bombed out bunker with a very luxurious twist ;o)

The club will have only 5 resident DJ's who between them have a very diverse sound even when they each spin within the same musical genre. 

As someone once said "Life's too short for ****ing  genres!" 

So, we trust our DJ's to decide what they want to spin as their high standards and immense musical knowledge is what will keep the people coming! 

A brief note of the music that they play are listed below as there isn't enough time to include all of the sounds that each of them play!

* djleftydc Denja - Glitch Tek & Techno

* Stefan Chrousch -   Minitech, Minimal House, Techno

* Tommi Inshan - DnB, Dubstep, Liquid

* dan277 Baxton - DnBDubstep, House & Garage

* Martino Bamaisin - Techno, House, Electronica

The Bunker Guest DJ's will be hand picked especially by us to assure that we have only the heaviest DJ's on offer! HOooo!

To be kept up to date about future Bunker events please view the blog often.


The Maiden Operation...

Date: 04/27/2009
The Rendezvous: The Bunker
The Time: 1.30PM - 5.30PM
The Music Specialists:
Stefan Chrousch 1.30 - 3.30PM
This legendary Berlin DJ will be kicking off with a expectant mixure of tech house/minimal techno to ease you into the cool vibe of The Bunker.

Tommi Inshan 3.30PM - 5.30PM
This Brit DJane will start off her set with the sick, hardcore, dnb that she is notorious and revered for and will end with a delightful splash of liquid deliciousness!

This is one night that you do not want to miss!


Dungout DJ - Stefan Chrousch

This Berlin bad boy has been DJing for well over 10 years and has played in all of the best clubs in Second Life... as well as spinning in a few RL clubs.
Born in Leipzig but moved to Berlin at a young age, Chrousch has been shaped by the ├╝ber cool Berlin Sounds.
Chrousch will be the commencing DJ on The Bunkers opening night on April 27th 1.30PM - 3.30PM

Dugout DJ - Tommi Inshan

Hot, UK DJane, Tommi Inshan (IMHO) is the BEST dnb DJ there is in Second Life! This brazen Brit chick is fierce, furious and fresh!
Tommi will start her hardcord, energetic set after Stefan Chrousch on the clubs opening night. Warning:
When Tommi double drops your heart might not be able to keep up with her brisk beats!