djleftydc Denja & Zap Hax

What an awesome set... plenty of twists and turns as always! You never know where this DJ is going to take you so the best thing that you can do is fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a bumpy ride! HOooo!

Zap Hax's set was ****ing ill! HOoo!
What sick beats from a man who looks old enough to be my granddaddy!
No offensive Zap... you certainly showed the young gun DJ's a trick or two! ;o)


Saturday Splendor!

Oh what a super saturday we had down at The Bunker!
GaryN Ansome treated us to a spine-tingling set that had the dance floor pumping!
Next up came a splendid, spontaneous set from Martino Bamaisin & Stefan Chrousch who went back 2 back and kept the party going until dawn! HOooo!
Thank you to all the civvies who come to all of our clandestine parties, and to all the awesome DJ's who make them happen! We at The Bunker salute you! 


Tasty Hax - A Deliciously Moreish Set

The lovely Tasty Hax was our first guest DJ to throw a party in the lavish upstairs lounge.
Tasty treated party goers to a delectable ,sexy and smooth chilled out set.
The Bunker has a diverse crew of DJ's & DJanes to ensure that the crowd get exatly what they need from a club... Hard and frantic in the downstairs area.... and silky smooth in the upper lounge... Mmmm, we do spoil you, don't we ;o)


A Bunking Great Night

Well done, troops last night was a marvellously, successful military campaign!
Immense fun was had by all and our DJ's did us proud...
So, we here at The Bunker salute you all!