Stefan Chrousch & Martino Bamaisin

Stefan Chrousch & Martino Bamaisin shook The Bunker tonight as usual playing back to back
Spinning delectably, dark tunes! 
The troops needed to disentangle after a heavy going week so this set was just perfect!
This gruesome twosome always stir up a storm and we look forward to the next set that they grace us with. Attention!


Robot Recreant & Wiu Bing A Techno Coloured Dream!

Tonight The Bunker was bedazzled with every variety of techno that one could wish to hear!  
The troops were hammering hard on this eventful friday night and partied hard into the early hours of the morning.! HOoo!
The boys did us proud and we salute them and hope that they will spin for us again sometime soon! Attention! 


Bridgitte Boucher & Ideal flow

Oh what a night! This perfect pair had The Bunker jumping and pumping all night long!
A fabulous mix of tech house and minimal tunes to delighted us with.
The troops had a splendid time as always and much fun was had by all. (Apart from the particle displaying raver who sadly had to be ejected after ignoring our numerous demands to turn them off!)
We hope to see this double duo again real soon... or it's a court martial for the pair of 'em! Attention! 


Shanti Allen

Japanese DJane Shanti Allen treated us to a fabulously chilled set tonight setting a blissful wednesday mood. 
The troops were nicely rested and had time to rest their muddy boots on the glamourous  shag pile carpet we have upstairs.