Honey's Birthday Bash!

What a fabulous night at The Bunker! Honey had a fabulous party and was lavished with gifts, money and love all night long! But the main gift of the night was the tear inducing, loved filled set from her sexy boyfriend, Stefan Chrousch who smashed the bunker record with 30 people there. Not bad for a new club!
We salute you troops for making it such a great night and  for celebrating Honey's birthday with her.
Sadly, MaryJane Ninetails & Tristan Micheline 2 of the most hated skanks in SL had to be banned and ejected from the club because having to pay for the pest man to fumigate the place every time the fugly douches came in was hard going! 


Yura Gazov & Claude Fizz - Manic Monday!

The troops needed the right kind of music when we put them through their LSD trials so Yura Gazov and his manic monday techno beats were spot on! HOooo!
The party was swinging all night (as were the troops... off of every light fitting and anything else they could  get their grubby lil' paws on!)
Solider on people.. solider on!  ;o)

What can I tell you about DJane Claude Fizz? Nothing that you don't know already that's for sure! Her tracks had The Bunker rocking for hours and there was nearly a mutiny when her set was over! We saulte you Ms Fizz for sharing your bubbles with us! ;O)