Some Upcoming Parties To Look forward To...

GaryN Ansome May 2nd 3pm - 5pm 

 djleftydc Denja 12pm - 2pm Zap Hax May 3rd 2pm - 4pm & 

Shanti Allen May 6th 11am-1pm 

Bridgitte Boucher May 7th 12pm - 2pm & Ideal flow 2pm - 4pm

Robot Recreant 8th May 12pm - 2pm &  Wiu Bing 2pm - 4pm

Stefan Chrousch & Martino Bamaisin May 9th 2pm - 6pm

Yura Gazov 12pm-2pm & Claude Fizz May 11th 2pm - 4pm 

Stefan Chrousch May 12th (Honey's Birthday!)  

Stefan Chrousch May 18th 12pm - 2pm & GaryN Ansome 2pm -4pm

Moos Hultcrantz May 21st 12 - 2pm

 Stefan Chrousch  May 25th 11 - 1pm & Sigz Galaxy 1 - 3pm

Olaf Quintessa May 28th 2 - 4pm


Holy Cow!

Moos Hultcrantz totally rocked us into the weekend early with his amazing top, thursday, techno teaser!
Damn, we was in the zone tonight, so many great tracks and a few blasts from the past! 
Mix it all up, that's how we love it down at The bunker! HOooo!


Deep, Down & Dirty *Rawr*

Bunker bad boys Stefan Chrousch & Gary Ansome threw a deliciously, deep house set in the upper glamour puss lounge tonight where party people got their fill of this delectable deep dish.
What better way to start off your week but having a fabulous mellow monday!